The Best Concert Ukulele for Beginners in 2022

What is the Best Concert Ukulele for Beginners?

The ukulele was originated back in the 19th century in Hawaii. It is a small adaptation of the Portuguese machete, another small guitar like instrument. Over the years, the ukulele has provided millions of people with pleasurable music, and they have even been added into concerts for their unique and beautiful sound.

Just like all instruments, there are brands that are made for different levels of expertise, and in this review, we are going to be covering what are the key features and elements you want to look for in a concert ukulele, suitable for beginners. We have also went so far as to find five of the best concert ukulele for beginners.

Our Top 5 Beginner Concert Ukuleles

Beginner Ukulele Buyer's Guide

Over the years, the ukulele has provided millions of people with pleasurable music.

What to look for when choosing a Beginners’ Ukulele

When starting out with any instrument, there are numerous things that you should know. Most people have never played the instrument they are wanting to purchase, and therefore, it might be difficult to know what to ask and what to look for when purchasing your first ukulele. We are here to help you by answering some of these questions and providing you with reviews of some of the best introductory Ukes available on the market.


It is important to understand that these instruments come in different sizes, and they are meant for different things. There are four main sizes, and each one has its purposes. A traditional concert Uke is around 23 inches long and its body and neck should be a little larger than the traditional soprano model. This makes the instrument easier to hold and play for longer periods of times, like at a concert.

Tone Wood

The type of wood that this instrument is made out extremely important. The best starter to medium grade ukuleles should be constructed out of mahogany. This wood is the closest thing to the Koa wood that the traditional Hawaiians used to make these instruments. It has a softer sound than the koa wood, but regardless if it is solid or laminated. When looking for a started to medium grade instrument, solid mahogany is more expensive and will provide a slightly better sound, but as long as it is laminated with mahogany, it will still provide a quality sound.

Are These Instruments Hard To String?

Simply put, the difficulty of stringing this instrument is entirely dependent on its design. Some are very easy to string, while others are more intricate. Before you get ready to restring your instrument, it is important to look up your specific model and see the correct way that you should go about doing this. It will help you to avoid damaging your strings and the instrument itself. However, the basics are the same, and you can see a quick tutorial here.

Accessories included with your beginner Uku

There are a lot of accessories that you can find to go with these instruments, and some of them have important purposes, while others are merely personal preference. Here are a few of the accessories you should look for to be included with your instrument to save time and money in the long run.

A gig bag to protect your Ukulele

Some manufacturers will provide a simple bag type cover to carry your instrument in. Whereas this might be alright if you do not play on heavy traveling, finding one that offers you a gig case is optimal. The different is that a gig case is designed specifically to keep the instrument safe from hazards while traveling. They are usually sturdier, which means they provide more security for your instrument than a mere bag case.

Ukulele Strings

Without quality strings, this instrument will not play properly, and it will never provide a quality warm sound that it is known for. Usually, the manufacturer will ship out the instrument with a set of strings already installed, but they are brand new strings. Upon arrival, it is important to let these strings get use to the climate and warm them up in order to help get the instrument in tune.

It doesn’t hurt to find a kit that provides and extra set of strings, because strings can break during the tuning process, especially if it is your first time changing them. Another perk to strings that might be beneficial is to find a manufacturer that provides a life time string replacement guarantee. This is always a plus, because strings are the most replaced parts of this instrument, and with this type of guarantee, you will always be able to keep it playing properly with a complete and quality set of strings.

A Ukulele Strap

This might seem like a minor accessory, but for someone who is just starting out, holding the instrument in a position for longer periods of time to practice can be difficult and even painful. Straps are designed to help redistribute the weight of the instrument allowing for more comfort and longer play times.

A Uke Tuner

This is actually fairly important, because a new instrument will need to be tuned, when it first arrives. Using a tuner will make the process a lot easier and more effective.

The Best Beginner Ukulele Reviews

Enya has guaranteed the quality of this ukulele by manufacturing them with only the best HPL KOA materials. The base and headstock is constructed out of mahogany, and the fingerboard is ebony, which is designed to help finger placement more comfortable. Mahogany was chosen because it is one of the most popular wood for musical instruments because of the warm sound that it immolates. It was designed with the user’s comfort in mind and to always provide a premium sound.

It comes with a set of Enya nylon strings already installed, and it provides an extra set in case something happens during transport or while learning to properly tune the instrument. Enya also provides a life time free string replacement guarantee on their string, which means at any time you can request for them to send you a new set with no extra cost. It is important to remember that new strings often need to be stretched from playing before they will properly tune. So, you will need to have it tuned upon its arrival.

Other than the ukulele itself, this kit was designed for someone that has never played the instrument before. It comes with everything you need to get started and do it right. It has a quality gig bag that is designed to help keep the ukulele safe during travel and transport, and it also comes with 2 picks, a hand sand shaker, an extra set of Enya nylon strings, a capo, a strap to make holding it more comfortable, and a polishing cloth to help make sure it is always polished and concert ready.


  • Everything included
  • Well constructed gig bag
  • Quality sound
  • Made from top of the line HPL KOA materials guaranteed


  • Poor sound projection
  • Sharpness to frets

If you are a beginner in the world of concert ukulele performance, this vintage Hawaiian soprano ukulele comes with everything needed to help you get started on your way to greatness. The concert ukulele is a 23-inch ukulele, and it is made out of a rich mahogany wood. It has a smooth fretwire that is designed to avoid scratches, while learning, and it has a total of 15 frets with flat space, that makes this a comfortable option for long ukulele concerts.

It comes with advanced carbon nylon strings that are made to assist the ukulele of producing an accurate tone. Unlike other ukuleles, this one comes with the strings already installed, which allows you to begin practicing the moment it arrives. The strings also come with a life time free string replacement, which means if anything goes wrong with your strings, you can have them quickly replaced, without a large investment into them. This is important, because as a beginner, many people snap more than a few strings between playing and learning to turn and tighten the strings.

Other than the concert ukulele and strings, this set also comes with a traveling concert case to help keep it protected during transport, an advanced tuner to help ensure it has the best intonation possible, a comfortable strap to assist in holding the ukulele, a set of extra strings, and a beginner’s start guide to help with your learning journey.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Smooth fretwires to avoid scratches
  • Accurate tone


  • Some rough spots on body

This concert ukulele is professional quality, but it is made so that introductory players can enjoy playing on it. It is a traditional 23″ concert design, and it is manufacturered by HuaWind. It was also designed to have a comfortable finger feel to it so that you can play for hours without the grip hurting the palm of your hand. Plus, HuaWind has added a one year unconditional money back guarantee for this ukulele, and they have customer service support 24 hours a day to answer any questions that one might able about this product.

To help an introductory player, they have included a few accessories to make the experience easier and better right out of the box. First, it comes with a quality gig case, that is designed to keep the ukulele safe while traveling or while being store. This way no matter when your next concert is, it will be safe, secure, and ready to perform.

The base is made out of sturdy mahogany wood, which provides a warm sound, and the fingerboard and bridge is constructed out of black walnut. Besides the gig bag, you will also receive a tuner to help make sure it always sounds as good as it can and a strap to provide comfort to the user while playing.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Made of quality mahogany wood
  • 1 year money back guarantee


  • Requires extra tuning at the start

Hola! Music manufacturers this Uke as a beginner’s concert model, and they provide everything you will need to get started learning the ukulele from the moment it arrives. For personal preference, it can be purchased in 10 different colors, and regardless of the color chosen, you will still get the same quality Uke.

Knowing that it might be difficult to string your ukulele right out of the box, this model comes with a set of premium Aquila nylgut strings installed. However, you may need to have it tuned properly. You will also receive three picks and a ukulele strap to help hold it comfortably why learning to play.

For the best sound quality, this ukulele is made out of quality maple and rosewood, which are two popular woods for musical instruments. It is painted to the preferred color with a thin layer of paint so that the actual sound is not affected.


  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Silver geared tuners
  • Constructed from maple and rosewood
  • Slotted bridge


  • Sharp fret bar edges/ends

This beautiful ukulele is designed to sound as good as it looks. Kailua is a well-known manufacturer of quality hand crafted ukuleles, and they gave this one a vintage style appearance. It has a custom rosette etch design around the acoustic hole, and the tuners are coated with white pearl to add an elegance to the instrument. If you are just starting out playing the ukulele, this product comes with nylon strings already installed, which allow you to start playing it the moment it reaches you.

This is meant to be an introductory instrument, and it provides quality sound and has a vintage Hawaiian design. It comes with a lightweight nylon bag to make traveling convenient, and there it is large enough that you can easily fit your sheet music, picks, and strap inside the bag along with the ukulele.

This is a smaller version of the instrument. It is the recommended size for someone first learning, because it is lightweight and easier to handle. The body and headstock is made out of mahogany wood, which is one of the best go-to woods for musical instruments. However, this ukulele is not solid wood. The wood is laminated, but this does not effect the quality of the sound.


  • Small design
  • Custom rosette etchings
  • Quality sound


  • Minor imperfections on the frets

Final Thoughts – The Best Concert Ukulele For Beginners

All in all, it is important to research the right concert ukulele for you, but out of the five that we have researched, we have found that the Enya concert ukulele is by far the best purchase for a beginner. Despite the fact that it is meant for beginners, the concert ukulele itself is well-built of quality mahogany wood, and comes installed ready to go with some of the best strings, on the market, already installed.

All of this added with the extra accessories that this kit comes with far surpasses any of the others available. It has the sturdy gig bag, a life time free string replacement along with an extra set of strings. It is the traditional concert ukulele size, and it is designed for optimum comfort while playing and providing a warm quality sound.

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