Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar Review (2020)

Acoustic-only with rich classic acoustic tones on a budget
Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar
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The Taylor Big Baby is the perfect guitar if you are looking for a basic and simple acoustic guitar that will not break your bank. Nevertheless, it still delivers a rich sound that makes it ideal when you need a beginner or pro fingerstyle guitar. Taylor has produced so many guitars and the Big Baby features the same attention to detail of all the guitars from the company.

Body and Neck

The Big Baby sports solid Sitka aback construction that makes it sturdy and aesthetically appealing. Its sides and back are laminate, which further enhance the sturdiness of the guitar. Although the body is not bound, the guitar still packs decent edge joints. The fretboard is nicely rounded and feels smooth to your hands, letting you play for hours without ever complaining of hand fatigue.

Its neck features a solid mahogany wood build with a satin finish, making the neck look good and feel good to your hands. This neck sports a slimmer profile, making it highly playable for people with average sized and large sized hands. Since the neck bolts to the body with screws, it is easy to adjust the neck without popping it off like you would with a fixed neck.

The frets on the Big Baby come with end-crowning, making it comfortable for you to play this instrument. Its fingerboard is ebony, which means that the board doesn’t get black when you sweat. The system offers easy-to-use tuning machines. Better yet, the guitar stays in tune even after so many hours of playing.

The guitar has no heel, which makes it easier to play the upper frets compared to a full-body dreadnought acoustic. Even without the heel, the rounded design of the guitar still looks aesthetically appealing. The smooth and shiny finish looks premium and also protects your guitar from elements and scratches.

Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar Back


You will need a microphone to play this guitar in gigs as it is fully acoustic. The 20-frets guitar still offers a high volume sound when you are playing without a mic. With its die-cast chrome-plated tuning machines, Lexan headstock overlay, 1 11/16-inch nut width, and X-Brace bracing, the guitar is ergonomic enough for beginners and pros alike. The black hardware and many attachments on the guitar make it very lightweight and an ideal unit when you are traveling. It also feels comfortable on your hands.


The Taylor Big Baby is ideal as a lead acoustic guitar, thanks to its bright sound. It delivers a deep bass while still maintaining the midrange and treble. It is, therefore, a great choice for a live performance, people recording, or anyone who wants to play alone in the house. The guitar was popular among small jazz fingerstyle players, but thanks to its versatility, anyone who wants to play music can use it to create distinct sounds.


The Taylor Big Baby is ideal for professional players as well as beginners. Taylor has produced some of the highest quality guitars on the market and the Big Baby is one of them. It delivers bright, warm sounds and is comfortable enough if you will be playing for hours.

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