Takamine Pro Series 3 Review (2020)

Top quality acoustic guitar at the high end of most budgets
Takamine Pro Series 3
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Takamine Guitars were the first electric acoustic guitars on the market. Today, Takamine is one of the leading manufacturers of electric acoustic guitars. With a Takamine guitar, you can expect premium quality construction at an affordable price. Although this guitar comes at an affordable price, it sports the same high-end materials used to construct high-end guitars. Like other guitars from Takamine, Pro Series 3 sports a satin finish that look shiny. This finish protects the guitar surface, making it smooth to the touch, and enhancing its look.

Takamine is a guitar of choice for hundreds of country and jazz artists including Toby Keith, Black Shelton, Steven Wilson, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Ryan Hood, Hozier, and Glen Hansard among others.

Body and Neck

The Takamine Pro Series 3 sports a solid cedar top that not only makes the guitar sturdy, but also improves the quality of the sound produced. The sides and the back sport a solid sapele construction that further enhances the sturdiness and the quality of sound of the guitar.

It has a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard with wood-dot inlays to offer both comfort and durability. Better yet, the solid wood construction of the fingerboard and neck gives the guitar rich sounds.

If you need an ergonomic design, the gold tuners, amber buttons, and the natural satin finish of the guitar enhance its playability and its looks. The gold tuners feel easy to use even when you are playing, thanks to their location and their standard size. The body is relatively heavy, thanks to the electric functionality and the added hardware. Although this makes it less of a travel guitar, it is one of the best performance guitars on the market.

The frets are well-rounded with a high quality finishing that makes the guitar easy to play. Its slim neck further enhances its playability, seeing as you can reach all the strings with so much ease.

Takamine Pro Series 3 Back
Takamine Pro Series 3 Back


The guitar comes with a CT4B II preamp system with three-band equalizer, which is the sound amplification system. This system further features volume control and a built-in tuner to give you the control you need when you are on stage. Although the hardware adds to the overall weight of the guitar, the weight is still manageable whether you play the guitar at home or you carry it to play on the road.


The Takamine Pro Series 3 produces a rich sound when played by a beginner or a pro. The solid wood construction enhances the quality of the tones. This being an electric guitar, it is ideal when you need a guitar to perform to a large audience as the voice is well projected. However, the voice projection does not affect the acoustic sound quality.


The Takamine Pro Series 3 is one of the best electric acoustic guitars for fingerpicking. It sports a comfortable construction for great playability and comes at an affordable price. The sleek design of the guitar makes it look great when you use it for gigs while its rich sounds lets you play any chords.

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