Loog Pro Acoustic Guitar Review (2023)- The latest mini guitar for kids

A value-rich, very playable three-string acoustic for kids.
Loog Pro Acoustic Guitar for Kids and Beginners
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Overall Score: 


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You think you need an acoustic guitar for your kids, but the Loog Pro is a different concept altogether. With a simplified three-string design and excellent playability, The Pro Acoustic can be a great way for new players to get started on guitar. Our Loog Pro acoustic guitar review will help you decide whether it’s the best acoustic guitar for kids.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Kids Guitar

When buying a guitar for a child, one of the most important things to consider is size. While smaller guitars don’t have the same rich sound as a full-size guitar, they are easier for kids to handle. Depending on your child’s age, you may find that a 1/4, 1/2. or 3/4 size is best.

Action and number of strings are also something to consider. Some kids’ guitars, including the Loog Acoustic Pro, have only three strings. These correspond to the first three strings on a standard guitar, which makes it easy to learn. When they’re ready, they can move on to a six-string.

For new players, comfortable action is especially crucial. If the strings are too high above the fretboard, it becomes difficult to press each string. Luckily, the Loog Pro has very low action – a relative rarity in affordable children’s guitars.

When you buy a Loog Pro acoustic guitar, you get the free Loog learning app that can help get your child started. Loog also hosts live lessons for free. Since lessons with an instructor are often on the pricey side, this is an excellent bonus.

Tuning stability is a vital feature in kids’ guitars. Unfortunately, most very inexpensive guitars have cheap tuning machines. This means a guitar goes out of tune, which can be frustrating to a new player. The Loog has high-quality tuning machines and it seems to stay in tune even with vigorous playing.

If this isn’t quite for you, you could also check out the Loog mini or electric version instead.

Loog Pro Mini Acoustic Guitars

The Loog Pro acoustic is an interesting take on the children’s guitar, because it has only three strings. Loog promises that the transition from their guitars to a full six-string is a seamless one. And they also want to make learning easy with their included educational resources.

From our own experience and looking at other reviews, Loog seems to hold its own well against Yamaha, which has a long history of producing affordable mini guitars. But the first Loog guitar was launched 10 years ago in 2010, so this brand still has some growing to do. Reviews so far are very positive and this latest version, which is slightly larger than the mini, continues that trend.

Review of the Loog Pro Acoustic Guitar 

Neck & Body

The Loog acoustic has an eye-catching body shape – it’s a tiny dreadnought.

The body is basswood (most likely laminated) and the maple neck is a slim-profile shape. This is a common choice for electric guitar necks, but you don’t see it often on acoustics. But, maple necks tend to stay very straight, so there’s less chance of warping. And since this Loog acoustic has no truss rod, this is an especially important consideration. The neck has 18 frets and a 20.4″ scale length, making it easy to navigate for smaller children. Plus, the thinner neck reduces hand strain for younger children. Especially tiny players might want to check the Loog mini.

The Score: This guitar gets a 3.5 out of five for neck and body construction.


Unfortunately, Loog doesn’t offer much detail, if any, on the components of the Pro. The nut, saddle, and bridge pins all appear to be plastic. Plastic can become worn down due to string tension, but it’s a common (and understandable) choice.

The tuning machines are higher quality than those on most beginner guitars, and hold tune well. The Pro also comes with silver strap buttons, which are a real benefit for those who want to practice standing up.

The Score: We give this 4.5 out of five for its quality components.


Most guitarists don’t expect a whole lot, tonally speaking, from little children’s guitars. But, the sound of the Loog Pro is pretty good. Thanks to the small body, it projects well. You don’t get all the harmonic overtones you would with a full six-string acoustic, but the sound is full. Its not an electric guitar, so you can’t plug in to an amp.

The Loog sounds like a banjo, likely due to its tonal crispness and the fact that it only has three strings. There isn’t much sustain, and there’s a prominent midrange, but that’s common in parlor guitars and other smaller acoustics.

The Score: We give this guitar four out of five for sound and tonal quality.

Action, Fit, and Finish

One of Loog’s main selling points for this guitar is the low, comfortable action. We found this to be true in our review – it’s a playable little guitar. The only issue here is that this guitar comes with steel strings, which can be harder on a child’s fingers. You may want to switch the strings to silk and steel, which are a little easier to play.

Fit and finish wise, the Loog is impressive. It’s a well-built guitar, and you don’t see extra glue or runs in the finish. It comes in a range of colors, so there’s something for everyone.

The Score: We give this five out of five for action, fit, and finish.

Reliability and Durability

The Pro is a well-built instrument, and the assembly is consistently good. You don’t have to worry about getting a guitar with a loose-fitting neck or a cracked bridge. This makes it easier to start playing immediately.

But, this Loog guitar lacks a truss rod so poses some reliability and durability concerns. If the neck starts to bow, you may not be able to fix it. There are some tutorials on how to fix a neck that has no truss rod, but this is an involved process that may not work.

Additionally, basswood is a soft wood that doesn’t stand up to abuse well. If the guitar gets knocked around a lot, dings and scratches can accumulate.

The Score: We give this guitar a 2.5 out of five for reliability and durability.


Over all, this guitar is excellent value. For a beginner guitar, it’s very affordable. The fact that it comes with helpful flashcards, a learning app, and even free live lessons gives it an edge over much of the competition.

Of course, part of the Loog’s value is the fact that it isn’t only for tiny people. Its playability, simplified three-string design, and decent tone make it a great choice for any new player – a great choice over the Loog mini guitar.

The Score: We give this guitar four out of five.

Tiny little guitar, big fun

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