Fender CD-60 Series Review (2020)

A professional-quality guitar at an affordable price
Fender CD-60 Acoustic Guitar
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Neck & Body








Fender is best known for its electric guitars, having produced some of the most popular electric guitars on the market. But they’re no slouches when it comes to acoustic guitars either. The Fender CD-60SCE sports a simple, but innovative construction that makes it comfortable to hold on to and play for hours. It is also an ideal guitar if you plan to travel with your guitar and play to small audiences. The CD-60 is minimalist in build, but with the necessary hardware so you can play it in a gig.

Body and Neck

The CD-60 comes with a laminated mahogany top, sides, and back. This construction enhances the tonality of the guitar with a warm and rich voice. Its fingerboard has a rosewood construction with vintage style open-gear tuners for fast and easy tuning.

With a maple neck and advanced scalloped bracing, this guitar offers great resonance, with a high volume and rich tone. The laminated mahogany construction on the top, sides, and back give the guitar a professional look while enriching its sound. Better yet, the laminated mahogany and not real mahogany ensures that the guitar is lightweight for the comfort of beginners.

The neck of this guitar has a real mahogany construction to enhance support and strength for the rest of the guitar. The head of the guitar packs die-cast tuners that ensure the guitar is in tune for hours, as well as ensuring that the strings produce great intonation. Besides its slim neck profile, the unit has smooth fretboard edges making it perfect for fingerstyle. You can feel the smoothness and you move your hands back and forth along the length of the neck.

Fender CD-60 SCE back


The CD-60 comes with a synthetic bone–compensated saddle for more comfort when you play. It also features the Fishman ISYS III System that lets you play without the needs of a mic during gigs. For better tuning, the unit sports Active Onboard Preamp and tuner to facilitate easy tuning with the guitar plugged in.

The unit has a 43mm nut width and a scale length of 64.3 cm, a perfect length for an ergonomic dreadnought guitar. The hardware adds to the weight of the guitar, but not so much that the guitar is not playable.

The CD-60 boasts Fishman electronics including a chromatic tuner


The tone produced by the CD-60 is consistent. With its rosewood fretboard, the tiny sound in higher tones absorbs into the board, minimizing noise and ensuring that a rich sound comes out. Its larger body and its scalloped bracing amplify its resonance and volume so you can play the guitar during a gig. The sounds are warm and rich.


The Fender CD-60 is a great guitar if you are looking for a professional-quality guitar at a bargain. It sports a great design for playability and comfort, and also, it produces a rich and warm sound. You can use this guitar as a beginner, thanks to its slim neck and large body, and you can also use it as a professional, thanks to the hardware that amplifies the sound and the premium design.

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